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Be'A Competition

عن المبادرة

What is Be'A?

Transliterated from the Arabic word بيئة Be’A Competition is an initiative that brings entrepreneurship to the forefront of environmental challenges through a competition to select the best environmental business plan.  The competition is held under the umbrella of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) chapter of Beirut Lebanon.

How will the competition happen?

If you have a business idea that falls within the definition of ecoentrepreneurship, then Be’A is the place for you. You are invited to participate in the competition by registering your details and giving us a brief description about that idea.

Your idea will be evaluated and you will receive a decision on your candidacy within few days.

Should you be lucky to make it to the second round, you will be offered free extensive professional training seminars that will help you shape and develop your idea into a business plan.

A panel of renowned jurors will review the presented business plans and decide on the winners.

A closing ceremony will be held to announce the winners and present the prizes.

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