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3BL ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Associates is Bahrain's first social impact and sustainable development consultancy and think-do-tank, which was established to further multi-stakeholder regenerative development in the MENA region.

We work with progressive and innovative organizations with a “do well, do good” approach that strives for Triple Bottom Line (3BL) growth of Social Equity, Environmental Sustainability, and Economic Prosperity—also known as the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit. As a hybrid social enterprise, 3BL Associates lies somewhere between business, government, civil society, and academia.

3BL Associates is in the business of true value creation for companies, society and our planet. We help organizations—large and small—capitalize on sustainability as an opportunity to generate social, environmental and economic prosperity, in tandem.

Our Ethos

Today, humanity faces complex challenges that require multi-stakeholder action and collaboration between governments, businesses, and civil society. In the MENA region, some of our challenges include the highest carbon emissions per capita; lack of affordable housing; sectarianism and intolerance; education systems that teach our youth what to think, not how to learn; obesity and diabetes prevalence; desertification; depleted natural water sources; job creation; dwindling biodiversity; and most threateningly: myopia and complacency.

Well-being economics demands triple bottom line value creation, a cross-pollination of ideas, mutualism, holistic approaches, and foresight. And we believe every organization—regardless of industry, size or sector—has a role to play in reshaping the future we are heading towards.

The Investment Opportunity: the most important investment we can ever hope to make today is in our planet, in humanity, and in our future prosperity and flourishing.

The Returns: leaving our children a world that is socially, environmentally and economically richer than today.

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