About Nakhwah


Nakhwah [nak-wah]

Origin: Arabic Word.

English translation: Chivalry.

Definition: The system of behaviour that puts a high value on honour, kindness, and courage.

Our Nakhwah: The first volunteerism and development network for the Arab world...

With today’s youth, NGO’s, social entrepreneurs, social activists and socially conscious companies in mind, we have developed our platform to connect people working in the development sector in the Arab world. Our goal is to enable our network to expand opportunities, exchange ideas, share knowledge and to promote and share the positive culture of civic engagement.

Today, we are here to help everyone who wants to make a difference in society. How?

  • We support NGO’s and initiatives recruit volunteers through our free volunteer matching services and our unique platform as well as the use of social media channels, aiming to encourage youth to be proactive citizens of their community.
  • We give social entrepreneurs exposure through our channels and networks.
  • We enable socially responsible companies find funding opportunities for sustainable and impactful initiatives.

Being a part of the Nakhwah network gives people access to a comprehensive directory for social work in the Arab world. We have worked on making it simpler for everyone to find out more about the NGO’s, initiatives, social entrepreneurs, social activists and the various programs and projects they are working on. Join us and #KeeptheNakhwah.

* Nakhwah is an independent platform, ideated and powered by Ideation Box

* Amro Jabri

Our Slogan

Engaging for Social Good

Our Mission

To capitalize on the potential of the Arab youth, and help them become proactive change-makers in their communities, by harnessing their own creative solutions to social problems and engaging in volunteerism.