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On page Yemen / Amana province / School Street Arue Task Our target group: Civil society in general and a special youth category similar free resource Areas of our business: - CYD of all kinds. - Dissemination of the principles of human rights and democracy. Our values ​​and principles: The initiative is based on the work of a number of principles and values ​​that form the fundamental basis for the work: - Belief in the principles of justice, equality and respect for the humanity of others represent the absolute value we believe in and Nthraha to achieve our goals. - A commitment to transparency and credibility in working with all development partners, as the initiative is committed to this principle of what you see from a utility to arrange and manage work between him and his partners. - Professional and professional implementation to achieve the effect of specific programs and projects that the initiative hopes its implementation. - Keen initiative new life to the development of tools and create a learning environment that is confined to his crew, but beyond that includes Msthdwih. Company Profile Vision Greater access to as many communities as possible various age categories and various affiliations and sects To contribute to the formation of a family equal, conscious and creative able to keep up with sustainable development in all areas Description Who we are: Initiative Life is a youth initiative developmental non-governmental not-for-profit founded in 2010, but aims to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in the Yemeni society in general and youth in particular through the adoption of a set of principles and values, and initiative seeks new life to achieve their goals within many areas through the establishment of activities and various events guaranteed by the Yemeni constitution. Our mission: And strive to make young men and women and the Avant-garde of different affiliations and sects Kadirian influence among communities And build a better future for communities and future generations through the (training and rehabilitation projects) actors that meet the needs of the communities in general and young people (male - female) private developmentally (local - regional - international) Mentahj principles of transparency and professional with all its partners. General Information General objective: Enable young men and women from active participation in the various areas of development and self-development through the development of creative thinking Goals: Show model for young and girls influential owner Discovery and development capabilities and talents and energies of young men and women and Vanguard, to be activated and channeled in the right direction Building societies and generations are able to contribute to the renaissance of the communities in serving her community and her homeland Educate communities in various fields Participate in solving the concerns and problems of societies in general and young men and women, especially in various fields as much as possible Promote constructive and positive change in communities across the young men and women and Vanguard Encourage young men and women and the Pioneers on thinking and creativity Provide opportunities for young people and young girls to carry out their ambitions and their ideas and creations Creators and care workers among communities in all areas and improve their lives and ensure their rehabilitation and education increase their knowledge and build their creative Activating the role of young men and women and their integration into the sustainable development work for communities

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