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Good Youth

About the initiative


who are we ??

GOOD YOUTH is a voluntarily charitable initiative independent
non-profit organization founded in 01/06/2014 at the hands of a
group of young men from Fuqum village, in the forefront of them
is Al-Shaheed (Osama Sahim),It was initially named "Fuqum
Takaful Fund" and it was in the form of boxes to collect
donations and allocates the proceeds of the cases of severe
disease to villagers , after the outbreak of the last war in
Yemen and the increasing incidence of poverty and the growing
orphans and the deterioration of basic services, the founders
decided to expand their philanthropy and the multiplicity of
their areas of activity and a promotion the fund to
multifaceted charitable initiative, and on this basis, the
initiative have been established in accordance with the laws
and regulations and structuring thought like a formal

GOOD YOUTH initiative is the only initiative and leading
philanthropy in the area and based mainly on helping the poor
and provide aid to needy patients and orphans and families of
Shaheed and the initiative to provide support for utilities and
government services. And extending its work to the villages and
surrounding areas, as the initiative is particularly interested
in business relief and support for displaced persons and
victims of war.


Areas of the initiative: - philanthropy, development, awareness

Initiative Vision:
We want to be the first in entrepreneurship and philanthropy
awareness and education and maintain the tolerant Islamic


Initiative Message:
Continue the voluntary work, charity and relief to the needy
people in the region and the deployment of social and cultural
awareness of young people and students and to increase
resources for poor families, and work hand in hand with
organizations and philanthropists for the benefit of the needy
with all honesty, equality and justice.

Strategic objectives of the initiative:

1) - To help the poor and needy, the sick and those of special
needs and orphans and Shohada.

2) - Coordination and work with civil society organizations for
the benefit of charitable work and increase its spread and
coverage of the village and its environs.

3) - The establishment of courses and lessons and educational
seminars and training aimed for young people and students of
both sexes.

4) - the deployment of social awareness and adherence clinging
on Islamic orthodoxy and ethics among young people.

5) - to assist and support the government facilities and public
places in the region (schools, cemeteries, mosques, clinics etc


Initiative values:

1. Service and malleability:
We provide our services voluntary and with all equal chances
for everyone and with highest degree of quality and

2. Cooperation and participation:
We cooperate with all groups and individuals, and work with all
the organizations for the benefit of charitable work and

3. Secretariat and sincerity:
Our responsibility requires the preservation of human dignity
and achieve that with all honestly and sincerely and faithfully

Initiative Verbal Logo : Basmat Ata'a ( Giving Imprint )

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