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Palestinian Social Cinema Arts Association (PSCAA)

About the initiative

The Palestinian Mobile Cinema is one of the primary initiatives of the PSCAA, and was established in February 2008 to provide a regular, accessible opportunity for Palestinians in the West Bank to watch movies.

The project transports a mobile screen and projector into communities that have no access to cinemas.The Challenge:Before the first Intifada almost every major city in the West Bank had at least one cinema accessible to the people living in and around the city. In fact, in the 1970s and 1980s, Palestinians used to avidly attend and enjoy the cinema.

Cinema, like other cultural activities, helped ease tensions and inject enjoyment in a very tense environment. However, due to the Israeli occupation and the social restrictions placed upon Palestinians, most of these cinemas went out of business. Nowadays, in the West Bank there are only two movie theaters, one in Ramallah and the other in Jenin.

Long distances, coupled with Israeli-imposed restrictions on Palestinian movement in the West Bank, undermine the ability of Palestinians to enjoy watching a movie at the cinema, among other things. Bearing in mind how expensive and difficult it is to go to the cinema, movie-going falls low among families’ priorities, and the custom of going to the cinema is virtually dying away.

It is fair to say that most of the children below the age of 13, have never been to a cinema in their lives.

Our Work:The Palestinian Mobile Cinema (PMC) project was established to address the situation of cultural decline and to give everybody in Palestine, especially the most disadvantaged and remote sectors of Palestinian society, the chance to enjoy Palestinian and international movies.

Given decades of military occupation, lack of rule of law, increasing vulnerability to violence, poverty, limited access to quality basic services, and general hopelessness, cultural expression and appreciation plays a critical role in maintaining the psycho-social health and positive intercommunal relationships among social groups.

The Palestinian Mobile Cinema’s aim is to re-institute the practice of watching movies, in order that the cinema will be perceived again as a basic cultural need for the youth and for Palestinian society as a whole. Through our activities we use film to promote and strengthen the national identity  of the communities we visit, and also to foster both cultural and social diversity.

Furthermore, the PMC hopes to be seen as a non-violent example of resistance in the face of the  problems caused by the occupation, and hopes to inspire the use of cultural forms to empower communities throughout Palestine.

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