Bread For All - Jordan

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Bread For All

  • Amman, Jordan
  • Area of work: Hunger

About the initiative

Bread For All  is a personal initiative to support unprivileged citizens and those who cannot afford paying for bread. It initially started in Amman and we are keen to further growth throughout the kingdom at large.

This personal initiative works upon cooperating with various bakeries in Jordan to give out fresh bread to those who cannot afford paying for it.   Each member in the Campaign is responsible for one bakery whereby the member contributes -depending on his/her willingness- up to 5 JDs per day which produces around 30 packs of bread. This way the needy person can take the bread for free and save his money to support other needs.

The Campaign's  awareness has been spreading over in the local and regional media, Facebook, Linked in and other TVs are interested in spreading the word.

Our goal is to involve as much of helpful volunteers to cover the widest range of  bakeries in all cities in Jordan supporting a large number of unprivileged families.

Our philosophy is not to collect financial contributions or donations rather each participant will commit himself or herself to sustain one bakery either individually or jointly with a group.

Please support us by spreading the word among your family and friends, and whoever is interested to participate in this initiative

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