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(Intel) Computer Clubhouse

About the organization

PBYRC (Intel) Computer Clubhouse  

Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID) launched the Intel Computer Clubhouse in November 2004 at the princess Basma youth resource centre under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania. Today the clubhouse has over 600 members from the Hashemi Shamali and surrounding areas.

There is a huge lack of after school activities for young people in this area and impact is already evident. Young people who have never used computers before are now using the software confidently and have resulted in numerous projects with a digital focus that have helped them grasp the technology, which in turn, will help them in the longer run. As a result of the success of the clubhouse and the impact it has had on Hashemi Shamali area, the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre fund raised with UNIFEM e-village to establish the second clubhouse in Mlaih Community Development Centre near Madaba. The team in ZENID trained the new established team in Mlaih on the approach of the clubhouse and the process of recruiting members, community outreach, mentor’s recruitment and training..

The Clubhouse aims to enable youth in the underserved community to acquire appropriate and creative tools and skills which will contribute to personal, professional and development fulfillment. The ultimate goal is to improve the individual well-being of club members, their families and the broader community. 

The Computer Clubhouse is be an after-school program that provides youth, ages 10 to 18, access to technology, professional software and adult mentors to help them develop the self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning they need to be successful in the future. Youth visiting the Computer Clubhouse learn by doing.  They create digital artwork, produce their own music CDs, write, produce and edit their own short videos, design websites and other communication materials.  The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network was originally a project of Boston’s Museum of Science in collaboration with the MIT Media Laboratory.

General Objective

Young people learn how to use professional software for design, exploration, and experimentation.  Young people will try for themselves what it is like to be an architect, engineer, composer, artist, journalist, scientific researcher, computer programmer, and a wide array of other professions in the modern workplace through : 

  • Providing young people from underserved communities' access to computer technology.

  • Inspiring young people to become motivated and confident learners and teachers.

  • Increasing young people's ability to pursue fulfilling career paths.

  • Provide a model for educators and community leaders in using more creative approaches to technology and education.


The Clubhouse provides a creative and safe after-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with inspiring adult mentors and role models to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through:   

  • Serving youth aged 10-18 weekdays after school and week-ends

  • Providing opportunities for open-ended exploration and self directed learning

  • Providing high-end software for creative expression and scientific exploration (as opposed to computer games for entertainment only).

  • Ensuring that youth from underserved communities are able to participate.

  • Encouraging the participation of adult mentors who can serve as role models and support the development of a sense of community.

Projects & Programs

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