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Takaful for voluntary work was founded in 2011 as a non-profit company, its purpose is to build the culture of voluntary work in society through developing specialized theoretical volunteer training followed by a practical side ; we work on achieving this purpose through our following programs :

1. Our Courses:At Takaful we offer specialized courses for volunteer work which has been developed by experts of this field in reference to many sources and studies to increase the efficiency, experiences and skills of volunteers, in addition to many complementary courses for voluntary work helping volunteers in many aspects of their lives.

2. Social Entrepreneurship Forums:Keeping up with the difficulties and responsibilities of technological, cultural and social progress we’ve organized a series of annual social entrepreneurship forums to cover a certain topic , the forums are aimed at the needs and problems of society and finding solutions to these problems through releasing initiatives dealing with social struggles at the end of the forum.

3. Initiatives Incubators:Takaful provides the appropriate environment to attract small initiatives and provide the needed care to grow these initiatives so they are continuous, as well as the release of many initiatives through the social entrepreneurship forums.

4. Jordan Volunteers:One of Takaful’s initiatives aims to spread awareness about the consistency of volunteer work, through providing weekly volunteer opportunities to serve needy groups in society5. Queen Rania’s national award for entrepreneurship:Aiming to motivate creative thinking in all entrepreneurs and transform their innovative ideas into successful projects of sustainable value, and find new job opportunities.

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