Empowering Young Women And young Bani Kenana - Jordan

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Empowering Young Women And young Bani Kenana

About the organization

Looks a General advancement of their targets, through the work of productive projects help support the community by creating job opportunities for the sector, women and youth to alleviate the burdens faced by families and these projects are looking to set up a factory for the manufacture of organic fertilizers and the work of greenhouses for growing vegetables, and a year-round note that there is a piece of land going to a General renting of 4 acres for the cultivation of vegetables in the case was approved on that has Assembly since the moment it was founded seeking forward to meet the needs of those families to alleviate life as a distribution of clothes, bread and work festive Festival Day dignity and Mother Festival and the distribution of gifts to the mothers and the work of first aid courses Initial guides on dealing with the swine flu epidemic in cooperation with the Civil Defense Directorate Lu

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