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sudanscholars corpration

About the organization


Sudan Scholars corporation is an extension of the great history of science and scholars in the Sudan, have arisen since the state Islamic Fung Kingdom or kingdom blue, as well as state immediately arose was Islamic scholars are reference to the rulers of these countries and they have been of great significance in guiding the sponsor and the parish.

And also had a role in the era of the Turkish state in Sudan until the revolution of Mahdia, but in the era of revolution Mahdia they were fuel has played a leading role against the ignorance that was rampant among the people, and during the British occupation of Sudan, the scientists played an important role which is to maintain the identity of the Sudanese and stood bulwark against attempts to obliterate the Islamic identity and cultural alienation that his plans Englishmen.


Since the establishment of the Institute of Scientific Omdurman in about the year 1901 was Sheikh Sheikh Scientific Institute scientists Sudan is not in an official capacity but the will of the scholars, it was formalized with the Judge and mentor.

Continued this blessed march and after activityscholars in several forms and frameworks and after that

This name: " Sudan Scholars corporation " in several historical stages.

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