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About the organization

Orphans the gambia foundation registration number; DGCS/413/2011 was founded in
2011 as non-profit community based organization in Dumbuto in the lower river region of the gambia. It was started by a team of dedicated persons with the aim of
helping the children who lost either or one of their parents at an early stage and children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. We run the center in dumbuto village,
orphans of kiang foundation is able to provide a small orphanage project that will
provide children with a safe and stable home, education and support throughout their
childhood. This will be a solution of solving the problems hidden by the fact that orphans
and vulnerable children are invisible; yet by the very nature of their situation, they are
included among those that are classified as disadvantaged and poor in the gambia.
In kiang west district like any other areas of the World, there is growing number of Orphaned
and homeless children caused by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. In addition to this, These children are often abandoned with no way of
tracing their family members.
Findings still shows that children in abject problems are recognized by rather elementary
(as opposed to sophisticated) criteria. Top on the list is absence of basic necessities such
as shelter, food, clothing and water. Equally important is the ‘human condition’ in terms
of physical health and parental care and protection.
While there seems to be national consensus among donors, the public sector and civil
society that the government has made commendable progress in implementing PEAP
(Poverty Eradication Action Plan) as flexibly as possible, it’s evolving nature, due to the
participatory and consultative reviews it undergoes regularly, does not address many of
the development challenges disadvantaged children face today. It would take lobbying
and advocacy interventions to ensure that the needs and demands of children in abject
poverty are met.
According to UNESCO 2003 study on Children in Abject Poverty in the gambia indicates that:
Ill health and inadequate health services remain critical challenges for children in abject
poverty. This is aggravated by the living conditions of children in almost all the districts of
the gambia where the pilot study was carried out.

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