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Shafshafo Organization for Relief and Development is a non-profit, non-governmental Relief organization which was formed in 2001 in Garowe, the capital city Puntland State of Somalia.  It was born out of the drastic need to relieve the IDPs, the under-privileged and war-weary people of Somalia brought about by the civil-strife related and environmental hardships confronted. It was founded by community leaders and scholars who saw the need to respond to the suffering of the Somali people, following years of civil strife, subsequent displacement, the plight of the vulnerable sections of the society like helpless widows, orphans, elderly people who lost their kith and kin in the strife. In Somali, the very word ‘Shafshafo’ stands for ‘initial healing’ or ‘first-aid care’, and this very name reflected the principles on the basis of which it was formed.


 It was founded in Garowe, the capital city of Puntland, at the height of suffering of the Somali people due to the prolonged civil war. Shafshafo’s activities reach out the needy in the urban centers and the rural where the most vulnerable of the Somali people live. The main objective is to alleviate the suffering of these people.

Shafshafo’s main office is in Galkaio, the capital city of Mudug region of Puntland State of Somalia. Galkaio has been one of the cities that suffered the worst in the Somali civil war. The city exchanged hands of hostile forces several times. It became a ghost city at the height of civil war in 1990s and was completely deserted.


The Vision

The vision of Shafshafo centers around developing the communities within its reach and paving the way for self-sustainability of a community which is still reeling under the after-effects of decades of strife. Its main tasks include

  • Enabling and empowering the victims of war to recover from difficulties inherited from natural disasters and man-made problems and supporting the weaker sections of the Somali society

  • Empowering the Somali community to grow out of its dependency on welfare handouts and develop self-reliance.

  • Making these people to be productive members of the society they are in

The Mission

  • Deterring the youth from joining deviant groups like extremists, pirates, criminals, and all other activities which lead to social evils by providing skill-oriented programs.


In order to relieve the suffering of the Somali community, Shafshafo Organization for Relief and Development’s mission is to

·       Pave the way for the development and self-sustenance of the Somali community.

·       Provide skill-oriented training for war-widowed, the orphans, the elderly people and vulnerable sections of the Somalis. It acts on the dictum that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

  • Run feeding kitchens for the poor especially for the holy occasions like eid holidays and festive occasions.

  • Encourage and building the confidence of the underprivileged not to lose hope.

  • Providing clean drinking water for the people and the livestock they raised by nomads.



Shafshafo’s Sacred Recognized





Domain of Activities


Shafshafo’s activities are recognized by high-profile Somali authorities like the Minister of Somali Ministry of Haj and Endowment, H.E. Abdulqadir Sheikh Ali, the former Director General of Cooperation and Planning of Puntland State of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Ahmed Jama.



Shafshafo lobbies relief for the vulnerable sections of the Somalia community from donor organization. It runs feeding kitchens during the holy month of Ramadan, distributes dry food for the needy. In order to ensure that the beneficiaries of relief do not overstay the benevolence of the donors, Shafshafo carries out training programs and provides vocational training for the orphans and the young widows to empower them to self-support. These programs involve running bakeries, tailoring, air-conditioning. Shafshafo runs a number of workshops for carpentry, prick-laying,  metal work, etc. It also tries to support the main health centers and helps prevent major health hazards like water-borne diseases, pollution-prompted health issues by recommending and inculcating correct health measures in consultation with the local medical doctors and providing training workshops.

Water is scarce in Puntland and that scarcity is part of the hardships prevailing in the region. The sources of water are the hand-dug wells and contaminated rainwater catchments which pose a great health risk. This water is used for drinking by both humans and the animals. Acquisition and Installation of protected deep wells is one of the tasks of this Relief Organization is trying to carry out.

In a nutshell, the relief activities Shafshafo for Relief and Development carries out include:

  • Supporting the war-widows and the orphans

  • Alleviating the suffering of the nomadic pastoralists by providing the necessary animal vaccination

  • Digging safe water wells and boreholes for the both the urban and rural areas

  • Preventing and addressing the outbreak of common diseases

  • Holding training workshops

Shafshafo’s Core Values


  • Resettling the IDPs and refugees arriving the area wherever Shafshafo can outreach and help


  1. Transparency: Through effective management, policies and procedures, Shfshafo is committed to ensure transparency and accountability.

  2. Empowerment: In addition to responding to the common humanitarian crises, the majority of Shafshafo activities focus on empowerment, development and capacity building of the people’s confidence and capability to be self-supporting and remain less dependent on relief handouts and to prop up resilient capabilities.



  • Fairness and impartiality: In all our activities and interactions, Shafshafo’s policies are based on fairness and lack of bias or prejudice against section of the communities it reaches out.


Shafshafo for Relief and Development can be reached at its headquarters as shown below:

Osman A. Omar


Mukhtar Ahmed Tinle



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