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About the organization

Banat El Ghad ‘Banati’ is an Egyptian nonprofit foundation established in July 2010 under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Registration # 651 (which had been modified to 615, 2012 as Banati became affiliated to Central Dept. of Ministry of Social Solidarity instead of 6th of October dept).

Banati was created with local Egyptian donor funds to provide a better life to primarily girls, young women and their offspring (second generation street children) from one year of age to 15 years, who spend most of their time on the street. Such females are either abandoned by their parents, their families or the society they live in due to economic and social reasons, hence, marginalized and abused mentally, physically and often sexually by their peers and typically bullied by male and patriarchal figures in their domains. Banati contacts such females through its centers located in downtown Cairo and moves them to its quarters in Sixth of October where they are offered, what we believe is, a better place to stay.

Their ‘Stay’ is not obligatory, we strive to simply offer them an alternative to the life they live on the street with all its freedom, undependability and sometimes tempting economic returns from begging and prostitution. We simply believe that by offering them a nonobligatory alternative to a better life, they will consciously opt to choose it.

Banati houses live-in dormitories, a dining hall with its associated kitchen, teaching classrooms and meeting halls, playgrounds, a full-fledged nursery and recreational facilities. What we present is modest in terms of physical amenities, but we rely heavily on the services we provide to our young females.

Their daily routine revolves around activities that assimilate female bonding, creates self worth and respect, team building and self reliance. We also focus on building individual talents by realizing potential within each individual. This occurs through exploring the various hidden aptitudes of each female and honing her personal capacities to create a flair in a certain talent that she actually possesses.

By doing so, the young woman not only feels her individuality but also her potential through her own talent. It realizes her worth within her new society and helps her think of her abilities to become a better person.

We do not only boast, but we pride ourselves on our girls winning the First Prize in the National Geographic Society Photographic Competition in 2010, and the 1st Prize in the photography contest of Tak3iba Art Center in 2012, to name a few.

This method helps Banati fulfill its educational goals when our new members begin to formulate a dream and act upon realizing it. This is when Banati presents its educational alternatives to its females as a means to realize their own potentials. 

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