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Nahdet El Mahrousa (Association)

About the organization

Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM), in Arabic meaning the Renaissance of Egypt, is an Egyptian youth-led non-governmental organization (NGO), established in November 2003 and registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

NM seeks to make a positive and lasting impact on Egypt’s cultural, economic and social development through activating and engaging Egyptian youth in the country’s development, public work and decision-making arenas.

NM achieves those goals through building a strong sustainable organization whose core program “Incubator of Innovative Social Enterprises” would act as a vehicle for social innovation.

NM currently incubates several active projects in the areas of youth development, arts and culture development, health services, the environment, linking education to employment, promoting the culture of research and development and preparing emerging young leaders and development practitioners.

The NM incubator addresses a wide community of youth, students, and other beneficiaries throughout the country.

NM targets resourceful and educated young Egyptian professionals and empowers them through its Incubator of Innovative Social Enterprises.

NM members also engage in a lively intellectual forum, both on-line as well as through a lecture series (Salon El Mahrousa), where they can share resources, ideas, information, and opinions about development practices.

NM’s Values

Diversity, Tolerance, Transparency, Accountability, Pro-active Social Responsibility. 

NM’s Vision

A developed Egypt through the active participation and belonging of its young professionals.

NM’s Mission

Engaging and activating Egyptian young professionals in the development and public arenas and in shaping Egypt’s future.

NM Objectives

  • Activating and engaging young Egyptian professionals to become “social entrepreneurs” active in the development of their communities

  • Mobilizing young professionals & spreading the culture of contributing to local communities

  • Addressing Egypt’s toughest development problems through innovative approaches

  • Creating a strong community of social entrepreneurs, non-profits, businesses, academia, government and international agencies and donors

Projects & Programs

Volunteer Opportunities

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