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About the organization

In 2005, Ruwwad was launched with the specific intent of putting entrepreneurship in the service of community development.

The founders, all successful business entrepreneurs and longtime practitioners of corporate social responsibility, had long understood that, for the private sector, self-interest and civic responsibility are one and the same when it comes to addressing the pressing issues of social change and sustainable development.

They knew very well that there is no such thing as a truly thriving business without a truly thriving society, and that there is no such thing as an optimistic future for a people if its optimism speaks only to the few.But through Ruwwad, the founders wanted to stretch the meaning of corporate social responsibility and move beyond the usual limits of philanthropy.

They wanted their social activism to be as imaginative, as counter-intuitive, and as hand-on and sleeves-up as their business practices. They wanted Ruwwad to focus on solutions, such as education, cultural nourishment, and civic engagement, whose impact had a very high likelihood of being deep-rooted and life changing.So, when they sat down to articulate Ruwwad’s credo, the philosophy was as obvious to them as it was inspiring: Ruwwad’s CredoWe, at Ruwwad, are firm believers that a decent life is an absolute right and not a roll of the dice.We are firm believers that those who live in plenitude are all the poorer for it if they do not help others less fortunate than them attain this right.We are firm believers that access to a good education is pivotal to achieving this right. 

We are firm believers that youth activism and civic engagement go hand in hand with a good education.We are firm believers that, for disadvantaged communities, these three worthy pursuits are a sure path out of marginalization. We are firm believers that working hard for community empowerment is just as much of a must for the privileged as it is for the disenfranchised.

We are firm believers that we, as business and social entrepreneurs, have the experience, the reach, the leverage, the resources, the will, the mind, and the heart to be serious players in our societies’ progress.We are firm believers that it is through partnerships between the private sector, the public sector, and civil society that this progress is best achieved.

So, we, at Ruwwad, are passionately committed to more than one mission:We are committed to fulfilling our civic responsibility and to helping our societies meet the challenge of development and progress.We are committed to empowering marginalized communities through youth activism, civic engagement, and education. We are committed to fostering creative partnerships between the private sector, civil society, government, and the communities themselves.We are committed to pursuing solutions whose impact is fundamental and life changing

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