ALEF - Association Libanaise pour l'Education et la Formation - Lebanon

Association libanaise pour l'education et la formation   alef

ALEF - Association Libanaise pour l'Education et la Formation

About the organization

ALEF is independent non-governmental organization that acts to change attitudes and behaviors to protect, promote and monitor Human rights in Lebanon by:Empowering the civil society

Changing the present popular perception that Human Rights issues are idealistic and elitist through ALEF projects

Considering the youth as the main actors of change and a reservoir for volunteers for what they represent in terms of potential multiplying effect.

Giving a special attention to the most vulnerable groups (in terms of rights), especially if their vulnerability is the result of social pressures or inequalities


ALEF believes in the absolute value of Humans. Thus the ultimate “raison d’être” of any societal structure is to reflect this belief in attitudes and actions. ALEF’s mission is to trigger and contribute to a cumulative process of changing values and attitudes incompatible with the universal values of Human Rights.

Projects & Programs

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