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Stars of Hope Society is a lead organization for women with all types of disabilities in Palestine. It is made up of women with disabilities. It is a woman centered organization which works on a collective model. This means that decisions are made using a consensus approach. The national office is located in Ramallah.

Our organization is run by women with disabilities, for women with disabilities. It is the only organization of its kind in Palestine and one of a very small number internationally. SHS is inclusive and does not discriminate against any disability.


 Our mission is to improve the lives and life chances of women with disabilities. This will be achieved by:Actively promoting the participation of women with disabilities in all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural life.Advocating on issues of concern to women with disabilities in Palestine.Seeking to be the national representative organization for women with disabilities in Palestine by: undertaking systemic advocacy; providing policy advice; undertaking research; and providing support, information and education Aims and Objectives We seek to ensure opportunities in all walks of life for all women with disabilities. In this we aim to increase awareness of, and address issues faced by, women with disabilities in the community. It links women with disabilities from around Palestine, providing opportunities to identify and discuss issues of common concern. The objectives of the organization include To develop a network of women with disabilities throughout Palestine, to work together for their mutual benefit.To advocate for every woman with a disability to have the opportunity for true involvement in all levels of society.  To develop leadership and the sharing of responsibilities to enable women with disabilities to take their place in whatever section of society they choose.To change social attitudes, practices, and power relationships which discriminate against women with disabilities.To lobby for the implementation of procedures and enactment of legislation this will advance and benefit all women with disabilities and combat sexism.

To inform and educate the public with a view to advancing the opportunities for women in the political, creative, civil and social fields.To improve the functional and medical status of women with disabilities through guidance and support.

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