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About the organization

NISAA FM is a commercial, non political radio station in Ramallah (Palestine), whose mission is to entertain, inform, inspire and empower Palestinian women.

Women constitute about 50% of the Palestinian population, and since no woman radio station exists in this region, and given the uniqueness of the Palestinian socio-economic landscape, NISAA FM offers an excellent opportunity for persons and organizations concerned with Women and Empowerment. 

NISAA FM is a pioneering station, dedicated to women and focusing on all aspects of living in Palestine with programming that views the woman as a contributor in the development of society and the intention is to positively enhance the general image of women in Palestine.NISAA FM is a unique women’s radio station – it is a station for women and not only about women.

Besides providing music, entertainment and a platform for discussion of women’s experiences, their shortcomings and successes, the vision of the station is two fold, namely to improve connectivity and exchange of information between women who are separated by walls and checkpoints and secondly to engage men in the discussion about women’s rights in a sensitive manner so as to educate and not provoke. Also NISAA FM, through Blogs, Facebook and new social media, shall enable Palestinian women to contribute to the content of the station, thus making them ‘media producers’ rather than ‘media consumers’ only.

It will also accord them the opportunity to expose to the region and beyond, their ‘voice’ and with the cooperation of local partners such as Women NGOs and the Business Women Forum, NISAA FM will have links on their websites for greater local and regional penetration.

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