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Pccds palestinian center for communication and development studies

Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Studies

About the organization

We Foundation Palestinian headquarters city of Hebron and works in all the governorates of the West Bank, was founded in 2005 and operates in the field of youths and development.

Letter Corporation Development the civil institutions abilities in order to contribute to rebuilding of Palestinian society through the activities, projects and programs. Goals - enhancing the abilities of youth and women in media, development and communication. - strengthening the concepts of democracy, human rights, nonviolence culture, forgiveness and pressure among youth and women.

- strengthening the abilities of rural organizations and encourage them on good management. .

Our work on the development strategy based on the needs and experiences of the civil institutions and working to strengthen the delivery of its services to all citizens in Palestine Strategy

- Our policy and planning to reduce the gap between grassroots institutions and large enterprises. - Design programs and activities based on the needs of target groups.

- To strengthen cooperation and networking between civil institutions and government. - Strengthening the capacity of workers and volunteers in the civil institutions.

Our partners:

- International partnerships:

We have two international partnerships:- Project Harmony (PH)/American Union Stats to implements programs with youth and refugees. - International Relief Friendship Foundation(IRFF)/United Kingdom to implement programs in rural development

- Local partnership: We manage the rural development committee network, is a network consist of 34 civil institute in the poor, marginalized rural areas, refugee camps and the poor Neighborhoods from heron city, where we implement almost of our project with partnership of this institutions ,we try to activate there role.

Volunteer Opportunities

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