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Alnoor magrabi foundation

AlNoor Magrabi Foundation

About the organization

Al Noor Magrabi Foundation is an Egyptian charitable NGO dedicated to improve the quality of life through combating the leading eye diseases, without any discrimination to all the societal segments, but with special emphasis upon those populations who are living in deprived communities.


A society with equal rights for eye health for all without discrimination, and an organization that leads and cares for eye health integrated into development through a rights-based approach.


  • Empower community members with their right to eye health

  • Rehabilitate and integrate visually disabled persons

  • Provide quality eye care in large volume

  • Explore and disseminate knowledge on eye health determinants through an evidence-based approach

  • Build the capacity of eye care providers, and positively influence policy in eye health through networking with partners on national, regional and international levels

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