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Friends of Environment Society

About the organization

The friends of Environment society (F.O.E.) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, formed in 1995 and specialized in environmental education. Members of the society are Jordanian volunteers interested in encouraging the younger generation to take an active part in conserving and improving their natural environment.

The society focuses on encouraging, the private sector to become more aware of its environmental responsibilities. FOE is funded by donations from the private sector, individuals, national and international organizations as well as membership fees.


The annual Environment Competition Our primary task is to educate secondary school students and increase their environmental awareness by conducting an annual nation-wide school competition.

The projects which are submitted are expected to be prepared utilizing scientific methods and taking into account actual situations. It is expected that participants will suggest permanent solutions to environmental problems. Which affect their lives and the lives and the health of their communities.Solutions must not be proposed in a way, which disrupts the social, economical, or political equilibrium.

During the school year, workshops are organized in order to discuss student projects and to offer assistance in conducting their research and studies. Environmental through eyes of children The society organizes an annual drawing contest for students under the age of 15 entitled "environment through the eyes of children" the objective of the contest is to encourage children to environmental issues by drawing scenes portraying the environment they live in.These drawings are then reproduced as cards, postal stamps, or calendars on recycled Jordanian paper. Jordan heritage and environmental coalition A coalition of several societies concerned with cultural heritage, environment and archaeology was informally announced in 1996, the main aim of this coalition is to combine efforts of concerned NGO's to influence decision makers and the general public to allow them to be better informed about our environmental needs.

The DIALOGUE Program F.O.E aims to expand the environmental information among students through Jordan by initiating dialogue with other students regionally and internationally, and through organizing trips and visit to these countries.The purpose of which is to increase the youth's awareness regarding the latest environmental issues.

Other activities Throughout the academic year, F.O.E conducts many lectures, workshops, organizes environmental field camps and field visits to nature reserves and other natural and cultural sites.

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