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National Foundation for Health Progress and Research Development

About the organization

The National Foundation for the Health Promotion and the Research Development, more known under the name of FOREM, is an association animated by volunteers with a core of permanent ones. FOREM was born in El oued at the end of one day of postgraduate teaching, held in this city on January 29, 1990. March 8 of the same year and with the invitation of PR Mostéfa Khiati was held the constitutive general assembly of FOREM. FOREM activates in the scientist and humanitarian fields. Its creation, its activity and its development meet needs expressed by the society. As other similar organisations, it constitutes a social, scientific and cultural requirement today.


In the plan of the objectives, the FOREM: - Aims to perfect, bring up to date and to reinforce competences of its experts - Increase public awareness to the challenges of modern medicine - Encourages and supports the establishment co-operation relations - Contributes to relieve the human suffering by the promotion of the humanitarian aid and the solidarity action - Takes part in the protection of the child and its blooming At course term, the FOREM aims: - To set up the means to help the health promotion - To develop various actions within the framework of the humanitarian aid and solidarity - To develop the research in the physical and mental health fields


The changes generated by the blossoming of the associative movement in the social field engaged a new dynamics in the society life. From the width of their actions and interventions, associations need a greater support of the authorities, large NGO and international institutions for the timelessness of their action The assessment carried out by the FOREM in twelve years of existence is edifying. This activity is carried out according to three principal main lines: Humane action and solidarity, in particular, including the assumption of responsibility of the victims of violence. - Action of prevention covering mainly the social plagues (AIDS, drug-addiction, malnutrition) and the protection of environment - Action of training and research - The diversity of these actions and their multiplicity were made possible thanks to a massive adhesion of people coming from various horizons and whose common denominator is to improve the quality of the citizens life.

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