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About the organization

Non-Profit OrganizationRegistration Number: 389, nonprofit civilian foundation, Beirut Registration Date: 19-2-2009

Nahnoo is a nonsectarian and nonpartisan youth-lead organization that aspires to provide a platform for young Lebanese to engage in activities that promote self-development and self-expression and gain the skills necessary to contribute to their communities meaningfully and peacefully.

Nahnoo Principles/ Values:

  1. Nahnoo respects the international convention of human rights, and all related protocols and treaties, and commits to reflect this in its bylaws and work methods.

  2. Nahnoo commits to be transparent in all of its work.

  3. Nahnoo adopts a scientific approach and method in work.

  4. Nahnoo seeks to practice full partnership with its employees, members, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Vision:We dream to live in country where differences (of all types) are respected and endorsed in laws, and where citizens are treated equally without discrimination of all type.Mission / Strategic Objectives:

  • We seek to abolish all types of discrimination from Lebanese laws, using advocacy and lobbying, modernizing and developing the laws, as well as supporting law enforcement mechanisms, and through strengthening accountability.

  • Nahnoo promotes mutual respect among youth in Lebanon, across psycho social constraints and cultural differences, through developing their life skills, and lobbying to increase the number of public spaces of interaction, and cultural exchange programs, within and outside of Lebanon.

  • Nahnoo promotes equality in citizenship rights and obligations with youth at schools and universities, public and private, through developing the current educational curriculum, rehabilitation of infrastructure and training of staff.


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