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Young Arab Women Entrepreneurs (YAWE)

About the organization

YAWE, [ya.wi] which stands for Young Arab Women Entrepreneurs, is a NGO that adopts & executes business & CSR projects in the Middle East. We are always on the lookout for women who have innovative ideas that add value to Lebanon by bringing in new technologies or best practices for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable country. As you may know, Lebanon’s electricity problem has been ongoing for many years with shortages on daily basis. We believe that real change can come from initiatives like environmental programs, social campaigns, and of course women advancement programs.

YAWE’s mission is to arm Young Arab Women Entrepreneurs when entering the business world with knowledge, support, networking, and enhance their performance as business women in the Middle East.

We aim to support existing and future efforts done by other NGOs and Arab governmental institutions that are active in the field of Arab women development.  

Our mission is to blow a fresh breath of ambitious air into the minds of Arab women and supplying them the tools, in all kind of forms, to be able to succeed and add value through integration of environmental, economic & social awareness within their business model.

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