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Alashanek ya Balady

About the organization

“Alashanek Ya Balady” Association for Sustainable Development is one of the most innovative, dynamic, and successful youth NGOs in Egypt.

In AYB-SD, we believe in the power of the civic sector to create innovative opportunities for the poor that sustain their lives, and activate the effective engagement of youth in solving society’s problems. We believe in the necessity of involving the private and public sector in the course of social change.

We are not trying to enforce temporary solutions. We are rather empowering to reform and to change the perception, mentality and approach, and therefore create a new outline for a better reality for our country; Egypt, and for the world.

Our Mission:

AYB-SD focuses on the economic empowerment of youth and women residing in poor neighborhoods in Egypt. This is accomplished through offering specialized and vocational training, personal coaching, formal employment opportunities, and loans. AYB-SD strives to promote volunteerism in community development and to foster private and public partnerships.

Our Vision:

To innovate a global model that creates employment opportunities, eradicates poverty, and promotes active citizenship in community development.

Projects & Programs

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Volunteer Opportunities

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