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Aman center for special education

About the organization


AMAN means freed from harm, injury, or risk: no longer threatened by danger or injury. Since its establishment in 2002, the AMAN CENTER embodied (incorporated) a safe environment for hundreds of children with special needs through reinforcing the spirit of challenge and empowering the inherent energy to overcome their limitations and providing the right environment to help merge them in society.


AMAN is an educational social institution that aims to train and enable children with special needs, and establish positive social trends in society through providing the most appropriate comprehensive services. We strongly believe in creating the right environment to help merge children with special needs in order to participate in developing the community through empowering this sector play their role and participate in building their communities.


To escort/ convoy every development and innovation to provide the best services for children with special needs at the national level.


1. Children aged 2-6 years with mild and moderate mental challenges, developmental disorders and those who are at risk.

2. Children aged 6-16 years with mental challenges and developmental disorders.


1. To enable children with mild and moderate mental challenges acquire the necessary skills to reach their potential independence.

2. To enable children in early ages with mild mental challenges and children at risk acquire the necessary skills for early inclusion.

3. Establish positive social trends for children with special needs, and carry out the appropriate rule to help merge them in society.

Tools/ Procedure

1. Train and enable students in basic academic, independent, self –care skills and develop the student’s personality, cognitive aspects, language and physical development.

2. Provide social and health care in addition to recreational activities through acquiring functional life skills.

3. Guidance and counseling for families of children with special needs to enhance collaboration and interaction between school and home.

4. Active participation in raising awareness campaigns and educational occasions that target to change negative social trends about children with special needs to help reach social integration.

5. Establishing curricular, extracurricular and recreational activities.

6. Giving opportunities for children with special needs to merge with community members and provide social services.

7. Train professional personnel in the field of special education

Programs and Services

1. Early intervention unit which provides a group of special education services for 1-6 years old to protect mentally challenged children and those who are at risk from escalated problems and reduce negative psychological and social impact.

2. Academic, cognitive, educational teaching program (reading, writing, arithmetic, social education, and religion) using appropriate tools and methodologies for individual needs.

3. Drama program to train and rehabilitate children with special needs.

4. Extracurricular activities such as sports, art and expeditions.

5. Physiotherapy

6. Occupational therapy

7. Speech therapy

8. “WE MAKE... IN ORDERTO BE” project, as vocational training component for children with special needs.


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