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Kuwait Red Crescent Society

About the organization

Kuwait Red Crescent Society is a voluntary humanitarian society that provides assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by social conflicts, wars or natural disasters without discrimination against any human being regardless of nationality, gender, color, race, religions or political beliefs.

KRCS is a voluntary society that enjoys an independent status and has a separate legal entity while working as a complimentary organization to the official authorities in the country in the humanitarian field. Its scope of work covers all the governorates of Kuwait with the right to open branches in any of them. The KRCS provides assistance and humanitarian aid to all countries and needy people.

The KRCS Goals

The KRCS’s objective is to achieve the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Kuwait and abroad based on Geneva Conventions and its supplementary protocols. The KRCS also aims at achieving social and medical welfare for all needy people and to provide help, first aid and rescue operations during crisis caused by natural or human disasters.

Part of the KRCS goals is to provide assistance and protection to prisoners of war –POWs-, and wounded individuals during wars in addition to assisting in the exchange of information among people residing in the occupied territories and POWs.

Finally, enhancing, the exchange of information and communications with the International Union for International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and the National and International Red Cross Societies and Movements.

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