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Yemeni women's union

Yemeni Women's Union

About the organization

Formed in 1990 as an NGO under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) as a result of a merger of the unions of South andNorth Yemen, the overall goal of the Yemen Women’s Union (YWU) is the promotion of women’s rights and the empowerment of women. With headquarters (HQ) in Sana’a, 22 branch offices at governorate level and 132 centres at district, neighbourhood or village level, the YWU is uniquely placed to reach out to women in Yemen, including those living in rural and more remote areas.

At HQ the YWU employs about thirty two staff members with ten elected volunteers comprising the Executive Office (EO). The EO is responsible for representation, advocacy efforts and centrally managing the funds provided by MoLSA and the YWU’s donors to implement a range of projects for services such as legal assistance. Branch offices manage and deliver a variety of services to local women, either directly or through their respective centres. Services include literacy training classes as well as sewing and handicraft courses. As the YWU has matured over the years, the focus of services has gradually shifted from direct delivery of material assistance (i.e. food, or clothing) to include more awareness raising and legal services. The YWU is one of very few organizations in Yemen with the ability to reach out to rural women.

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