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About the organization

In the autumn of 2008, the NGO Leaders of Tomorrow in Jordan launched a blog that specialized in publishing youth opportunities. It was initiated by LOT Executive Director, Mrs. Judith van Raalten who developed the blog and posted weekly interesting opportunities that crossed her desk.

Soon hundreds of young people discovered the blog and found it useful in finding up-to-date opportunities. Many had the chance to win a scholarships to study abroad, participate in an international conference, find a challenging job or win a contest or competition. In 2009, the blog was visited by young people from 177 countries, with most visitors coming from Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Lebanon.

During the beginning of 2010, the blog expanded to include into the daily activities of the NGO Leaders of Tomorrow. More staff joined to provide Arab youth with opportunities, where in 2011 up to 14 posts posted on a weekly basis. The blog was integrated into the Leaders of Tomorrow website, and became a prominent component in the day-to-day Facebook and Twitter communication. Up until today visitors came from1 countries with most visitors coming from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Algeria and Tunesia;closely followed by the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq.

After the success of the blog to provide young Arab people with two opportunities on a daily basis, the number of visitors increased throughout the years. This led to the decision to mainstream this initiative into the website “FOR9A” (“opportunity” in Arabic) to continue to provide those opportunities in both English and Arabic, and in addition build and refine their employable skills. Through building partnerships with many organizations, centers, embassies and universities in the region, FOR9A is able to provide youth with the most recent scholarships, fellowships, lectures, conferences, trainings, volunteer positions, contests, competitions and cultural exchanges.

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