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About the organization

About the Foundation

Mobadron Foundation for Social Developmentis a non-governmental organization, non-profit voluntary founded in 2011 under license state issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. (562), concerned with the community development and seeks to develop the capacity of its members and their skills in aspects of cultural, social, scientific, technical, leadership, economic, and inclusion in the life public and acquire, skills, experiences, and capabilities they need in the labor market..

Our Vision: - 

For a Youth is able to strengthen its presence and its role in the environment surrounding it.Our

Mission: - 

Mobadron Foundation for Social  Development: is a non-governmental, non-profit and voluntary organization that seeks to engage Youth in programs aimed at the development of their creative, cultural, social, scientific, technical, research, leadership and economic capabilities in partnership between the foundation and the government, non-government and private organizations (local, Arab and foreign).

Our goals: - 

  • Promote entrepreneurshipamong youth.

  • Provide target the life skills that are necessary for the labor

  • Develop the skills of the community members and develop their abilities in the preparation of scientific research.

  • Enhance the spirit of citizenship and national belonging among the community members through making them be aware of their rights and duties in the constitution and the international and local laws.

  • Promote the capacity of the civil society members to work in partnership with local communities.

  • Train and rehabilitate the community members on the work of relief and provide assistance and humanitarian aid to the targets.

  • Contribute to raise awareness of in health and population issues that concern society.

Volunteer Opportunities

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