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Think Unlimited is a nonprofit organization working to change the way education is perceived and achieved in the Arab world. Through our transformational education programs we equip and empower Arab youth to “think up the future” by engaging critically and creatively with their world. We envision a rising generation of Arab youth equipped and empowered to become proactive citizens, social innovators, and change-makers in their communities, their nations, and the world.

We work in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Intially, our work was centered around and implemented in public schools and public youth centers.We train Jordanian public school teachers and American volunteers to implement critical and creative thinking programs as summer camps and afterschool activities. We are continually evaluating and developing our unique curricula to meet the needs of youth, teachers, and parents in the Arab world.

In the next few months we will be piloting a new program in Universities, which will target college freshmen, engage them in a full year course, and allow us to build alumni programs and ongoing support networks to help them implement social innovations over the course of their college career. This course will include modules in Mindset and Motivation, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Project Implementation. This new program will be the very first program of its kind in Jordan. 

The aim of each of our programs is to develop measurable cognitive growth and concrete skills in students—key elements that lead to civic engagement, leadership, and entrepreneurship. To that end, all of our curricula incorporates the latest scientific research in cognitive development and achievement motivation.To our knowledge we are the only organization in the region approaching education and youth work in this way. We have also engaged as a board member a top researcher in the field of creativity, who is designing psychological measures of our programs’ impact.By building this sort of research and evaluation into our programs, we hope to continually adapt and change our curricula for the greatest impact, improving as we go.

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