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How We Started

Aie Serve, a youth-based organization, was founded on February 23rd, 2007 with the goal of spreading love, respect and acceptance via increasing awareness, education and voluntary service.

The word “Aie” is a Japanese word pronounced as “I” and means “Love”, so the name of group is Love and Serve or I Serve...others.

The idea came due to the aftermath of July War on Lebanon and the sharp polarization of the Lebanese youth. A group of friends gathered and started brainstorming ways of tackling this issue and agreed that the 3 basic values that are missing in Lebanon are Love, Acceptance and Respect. Loving others for who they are and not which political background or sect they are from, respecting others' point of views and beliefs no matter what and accepting differences and considering them the seeds of diversity.

Afterwards, the group started gathering more ideas and people and tried to organize themselves little at a time while focusing on serving their surrounding and society at large.

Aie Serve evolved from a group of friends, to a group of community service minded people, to a team and an organization.


Aie Serve is a youth non-governmental organization that works on community service, awareness and development to promote the values of respect, acceptance, and love to achieve an improved future for human kind.


  • Promote and implement hands-on community service

  • Spread awareness about issues that match our mission and values

  • Coach young clubs and organizations in their work to benefit from our experience

  • Empower youth to do action through training them on leadership and communication, environmental and health awareness

  • Create chapters in schools and universities

  • Create a space for organizations and activists to share ideas

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