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About the organization

It has been nearly 3 years since the Green Building Concept started to gain interest in Jordan. Nevertheless, efforts have been scattered due to the absence of a well-structured entity responsible for coordinating efforts and setting a strategy for the future. For this reason, the Jordan Architect's Association hosted a core group of dedicated professionals, academics and business people to start working on establishing the Jordan Green Building Council (Jordan GBC).

The Jordan GBC core group conducted several interactive meetings and brainstorming sessions in order to draw a roadmap for establishing the Jordan Green Building Council. During these discussions, global and regional models and concerns were taken into account as well as the national response and priorities for addressing such issues. Moreover, differentiating factors that would assist in positioning Jordan and its Green Building Council on regional and international levels were considered.

In 29 May 2009, the Jordan GBC Core Founding Group received – and in response to the Expression of Interest sent to the World Green Building Council – a letter of approval from the World GBC granting the group sole authority to establish the Jordan GBC.

Subsequently the Jordan Green Building Council was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization under the Associations Law no. 51, article 11 on October 13th 2009.


To evolve and expand into a recognized regional leader in developing and implementing innovative green building practices in every possible aspect.


To introduce, promote and advocate for appropriate green building concepts and practices in the Jordanian building & construction sector.

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