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brothers Club Organization. BCO

gathering Palestinian youth energies technical and administrative efforts to unite in the service of the Palestinian community, instill a spirit of public service and volunteer work Statute of brothers Club Organization Article (1): - Founded in: Tubas Name of the association: Brotherhood Under the law of charities and NGO`s No. (1) For the year 2000. Article (2): - The main headquarter of the association and address. Palestine Tubas Governorate Tubas Article (3): - The field work of the association and scope: Scope: Tubas governance. Field of work: - sport, social, educational, environmental, scout and cultural. Article (4): - Assembly has a legal personality, financially independent, has the right to own movable and immovable properties and to act within the limits of its objectives. Article (5): - Brotherhood association has the right to open a branch inside Palestine with the consent of the ministry and the ministry of jurisdiction. Article (6): _ Brotherhood Association aims to achieve the followings: 1. Combine the Palestinian youth energies in terms of the technical and administrative efforts to unite in the service of the Palestinian society. 2. Investing the leisure time with the benefit of the Palestinian youth. 3. Inculcating the spirit of public service and voluntary work. 4. Organizing and motivating the Palestinian youth to do their duties in the service of society interms of sport, social, cultural and environmental work. 5. Encouraging the Palestinian youth to protect the homeland and holy places effectively. 6. To develop and increase family ties and deepen their interaction with other groups in the Palestinian society. 7. To disseminate and encourage the spirit of sportsmanship, education, social, cultural and artistic. 8. To create the means and ways to facilitate the members to take advantage of life, sports, social and cultural rights, which sponsored by Brotherhood association. 9. Establishing a school that specializes in all fields of sports with special focus on athletics and basketball. 10. To integrate Palestinian people with special needs of mobility in the activities of the association events and activities. 11. Establishing of an equestrian club, stables and racetrack for the sport, in addition to train the horsemen and rehabilitation of the trainers. 12. Sponsoring and refining athletic talent of the Palestinian children. 13. Creating females team of all the categories in the sport of athletics, basketball and equestrian. 14. To promote and develop the media to show and disseminate programs and activities of the Brotherhood association. 15. To establish information and technology centre for the association

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