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International Telecommunication Techniques & Information Organization (ITTIO)

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International Telecommunication Techniques & Information Organization (ITTIO)


A national organization, charitable, non-profit non-governmental organization. working in the field of training, education and research in all the outputs of the global communications revolution. Registered in the Office of the voluntary and humanitarian work under the Federal figure 16.4.2008T.NO1950 / recording under the mandate of the Commission Khartoum under a number of / 23/2006 delivery of No. 01/01/2006 Since 1998, the organization under the umbrella platform work Volunteer Sudan (the Constitution of the Sudan) was renewal federally 22/06/2013 Starch Organization Scientific cadres at all levels Vision: science and scientific research out of the tunnel, ignorance, oppression and strengthen the human dignity of all peaceful means. Our goal: the objectives of the organization. Make full use of the fact that the world village and avoid the negatives that result from sinner deal with the outputs of the global communications revolution. Lay the foundations for adapting modern technology, taking into account the customs and traditions of the communities. Pick up the young people of both sexes of inertia and directed by young people generally possible to maintain the values ​​and principles of tolerance for all communities. Work on linking scientists and specialists in all areas to take advantage of new technologies to facilitate the exchange of information and scientific revision speed required. The establishment of scientific and humanitarian cooperation with all state institutions and civil society Masssat and all scientific institutions locally, regionally and internationally. Projects: the national project for managers the negative effects of the global communications revolution. Holding. The draft comprehensive awareness seminars sound methods for uses of electronic devices and portable devices. And negative effects on mothers and women, children and the consequences of addiction to deal with devices without scientific enlightenment. Project e-waste recycling Project awareness and early detection for non-communicable diseases: (This project provides the state more than ten U.S. Mllardolar) has been signing Mzakrh of understanding with the Ministry of Health Khartoum state. Federal Ministry of Health delivered its consent for the organization. Project training young people of both sexes on Phone highway maintenance free, and others. Workshops and symposia and seminars, lectures and conferences Including: the International Conference on Cancer in Sudan Digital Conference centers in Sudan and India more than 23 international post. Seminars with ministries and institutions such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of the Environment National Information Center etc.. Mobile Active conference in South Africa and the Organization of the founders of this assembly in Canada Seminars. With Sudanese Military Academy perches Sudanese Customs Authority others.  Of Justice visited Sudan and e-waste workshop of the National Council (parliament) and others. Organization Rules 1 / Assembly: It Her decision in regards to the organization of the Constitution and composition of the administrative structure of the organization which is her real decision. 2 / Executive Office: a restructuring administrative to Cun discharge and work of the organization is the executive powers defined by the Constitution. 3 / Advisory Board: which is the advisory body of the organization and appointed by the Secretary-General of the Organization. Includes all scientific and advisory personnel in support of the implementation of the programs of the organization. Members of the Executive Office / Secretary-General: Professor. Nazar Al Rashid Mohammed Mustafa. Secretary General / Professor Mustafa Mohamed Osman Treasurer: mr / Dafallah Abdel Azim Abdel Karim. Scientific Affairs Secretary: Professor / mhommed sir alkhatem Mohammed Ahmed.  Assistant Scientific Affairs / horia Osman Noueiri. Legal Counsel / Ali Karam Allah Morsi. Secretary of the technical / Mujahid Ahmad. Memberships / Mohamed Osman Noueiri. Secretary of doctor training / somaia Ahmed Mohammed Hassan.  Assembly by 30 members Advisory Council It is the moral perches Advisory Council includes more than 450 / Member They are scientists in different disciplines Speaker: Professor / Mohamed Sir alkhtim Mohamed Ahmed (founder of the Institute and received a professorship banks before 1991) and has many of the posts he has overseen more than 556 PhD Thesis and Master Vice President: Prof. / Pacific Mohammed Ibrahim: (Analytical Chemistry world's first paid University Khartoum and Hounnapgh, to say that there is like it is now at the University of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia) Council decision Professor / Mustafa Mohammed ossman / SAI now director Ali radiological and nuclear activities in Sudan. (IAEA and the Government of Sudan) Secretary of the Scientific Affairs Professor / Adam Khater Sam / official and an expert on war Biotechnology (IAEA Europe) Membership.  Professor / earliest Abdullah Ali Mohammed / (King Fahd University, one of the experts who made the Pakistani nuclear reactor) Professor /alSiddiq Tower kafy / (King Fahd University, a laser expert and medical physics) And others ............................

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