I-Dare for Sustainable Development (I-Dare) - Jordan

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I-Dare for Sustainable Development (I-Dare)

About the organization

"Working with and for youth in comprehensive positive social transformation"


I-Dare for Sustainable Development (I-Dare)

I-Dare for Sustainable Development is a non-for-profit & non-governmental Jordanian organisation. As a social venture, the core of I-Dare actions is based on social marketing from early stages of idea development to successful achievement of desired impact.

I-Dare believes in youth as the driving force towards development in its comprehensive sustainable concept where social, economic and political dimensions are equally respected. I-Dare exists to be the platform for the voice and efforts of young active citizens in transforming their societies to achieve remarkable success in all their endeavours.



I-Dare's vision is to become the medium where youth learn dare lead the transformation of their lives and societies.


I-Dare is dedicated to enabling youth to develop & lead the positive sustainable transformation in their communities.


I-Dare believes in youth as the catalyst for positive sustainable transformation


  • To integrate social marketing as a vital tool for creating sustainable social transformation

  • To unleash the potential, entrepreneurship and creativity of youth

  • To enhance youth activism in political, economic and social dimensions


  • Social Marketing (social behaviour change)

  • Youth empowerment and social activism

  • Dialogue: intra and inter cultural/ faith dialogue

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Volunteerism and employability

  • Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Social & Business)

Volunteer Opportunities

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