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American Language Institute Temara

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In general, language teaching at the American Language Institute Temara is through the communicative approach. Using the latest Academic language-teaching materials, students practice the language in meaningful contexts, using only English in the classroom, and work toward language goals that are within their reach and of course it’s student centered not teacher centered. In fact, we’re away from the traditional approach. 

Our program is divided into classes for Children (ages 6 to 10), those for Juniors (ages 11 to 13), and those for Adults (ages 14 to over). The objective of separating learners by age-group is to make sure that all of our students get to study with people in their age range, using materials that best fit both their age and their level of English.

We offer English-language courses for persons aged 11 and above during three regular ten-week sessions per year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) and three intensive sessions (2 in Summer, 1 in September). 

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