Mousab Khorma Youth Education & Empowerment Fund (MKYEF)


Mousab Khorma Youth Education & Empowerment Fund (MKYEF)

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Mousab Khorma Youth Education & Empowerment Fund (MKYEF) is a core program that provides a base for all our programs.

MKYEF is dedicated to empowering youth by granting them university and college scholarships, in return for volunteering four hours a week in the service of their community. The fund provides education for 150 - 170 students annually. Since its inception, MKYEF has granted scholarships to more than 700 college students. Ruwwad’s community center in Jabal Al-Natheef operates through recycling more than 31,000 youth community service hours across Child Development and Community Empowerment program.

The Youth Empowerment Program has three components: Mousab Khorma Education Scholarship Fund, the Enrichment component and the Entrepreneurship component. The Enrichment Component includes Dardashat, a weekly cultural dialogue forum that offers a safe space to discuss youth-related topics with various speakers and policy makers, as well as sessions on debate, cinema and books. This component also focuses on developing business skills and offers free courses in English, IT, communication skills and financial literacy. The Youth Leadership initiatives also fall under this component.
Youth are connected with resource persons to turn their ideas into projects. Finally, the entrepreneurship component focuses on developing entrepreneurial and business skills and finding internship opportunities for our youth.