Jordan River for Child Safety Program (JRCSP)

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Jordan River for Child Safety Program (JRCSP)

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Since 1997, JRF has been working relentlessly to implement and achieve the goals of the Jordan River for Child Safety Program (JRCSP), and in turn secure children’s rights and safety and enhance positive child-rearing practices. JRCSP also strives to strengthen positive healthy interactions between family members, particularly with regards to nurturing children within the family - the basic building-block of society.

The prevention and intervention services provided by JRCSP are unique in terms of their holistic and integrated approach to tackling child abuse.  In addition to provision of services, the Program acts as a “facilitator of change” and capacity builder at the national level.

JRCSP aims to:

  • To improve child protection and create a safe and healthy environment for Jordanian children

  • To lower the rates of violence against children at home and school in targeted local communities and foster positive family dynamics through prevention programs and early interventions

  • To secure comprehensive rehabilitation services for child victims of violence and their families

  • To educate the general public about definitions, forms, risk factors and consequences of child abuse, and provide insight into developmentally appropriate child-rearing practices

  • To raise the capacity of other child rights and protection organizations nationally through exchange of experiences, education and training