Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

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Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

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YLP targets youth from various universities across the Kingdom, ages 18-24, and aims to empower them and enhance their leadership skills. Potential candidates of the Program pass through a competitive application process and upon advancing to the training program; youth participate in a Leadership Training Camp. This training program maintains a highly participatory approach throughout the various sessions, and uses several training methods including brainstorming, case studies, worksheets, team work, individual work and role play. Moreover, the training program is characterized as being extremely challenging and competitive, and upon completion, youth participate in planning, coordination and mobilization efforts in preparation for the Youth Summer Voluntary Program (YSVP) and other youth led initiatives carried out by QRFCC.

An average of 150 youth volunteers from different parts of Amman take part in QRFCC’s annual YSVP. These youth identify a particular community services project that they design, lead and implement. In 2006, the program renovated two public parks and three public schools in eastern Amman, and in 2007 five public schools were renovated in eastern Amman (schools identified in the Safe Schools project at QRFCC), in addition to two schools in Wadi Araba, in the South.

The Program’s results were multifold: youth were empowered, strong links were forged with the local community, parks and schools for the families and children of local communities were renovated, and a vision for moving on to other Jordanian communities through youth involvement and participation was created.

In addition to the above programs, QRFCC also implements the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP), which targets adolescent cognitive development and natural community protection among vulnerable youth. The Program also teaches civic responsibility practices and community commitment among vulnerable adolescents through at least 12 cohorts of adolescents ages 12-17.

These youth cohorts consist of no less than 10 participants who meet regularly for a 16 week period, during which they receive training on life skills and communication and engage in constructive dialogue regarding social responsibility and cultural awareness.

Adolescents also partake in community project development. Projects are designed and implemented by these cohorts that address identified needs within their communities and promote positive images of their country.

Embedded within the training program is a series of practical activities that the adolescents engage in, which aim to translate theoretical concepts into skills that the adolescents can use in real life situations.