Jordan River Community Empowerment Program (JRCEP)

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Jordan River Community Empowerment Program (JRCEP)

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The Community Empowerment Program (JRCEP) exemplifies the Jordan River Foundation’s commitment to sustainable human development.

Through its various projects, the JRCEP aims to empower communities, including the more vulnerable, to participate in creating their own economic opportunities and improving the quality of their lives through the creative reorganization of the natural, human and economic resources at local levels.

Our JRCEP projects follow a format that has over time proved to be a successful formula for effective community engagement and for the identification of appropriate projects that enhance economic, social, and environmental conditions. This format is based on three principles:

  • Ensuring community participation

  • Long-term sustainability of projects and activities

  • Economic soundness and ability to create local jobs and profits for co-operatives and their members


Our projects and programs aim to:

  • Improve the socio-economic status of the underprivileged

  • Upgrade skills of local communities and community-based organizations

  • Further the knowledge and accessibility of marginalized communities

  • Re-organize local resources to become more efficient and productive (CBOs, co-ops, etc.)

  • Engage local communities, individuals and institutions in advocacy and decision-making that affect their livelihoods

  • Advocacy and lobbying on policies affecting local development processes