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Program Brief

A consultancy and training program. On one side, it provides consultancy for youth lead NGOs and on the other, it provides soft skills trainings for youth. The consultancy aims to empower the NGOs at all organizational, managerial, legal, and financial levels. It focuses on ongoing support, customized solutions and workshops to ensure the beneficiary NGOs excel at their work. Whereas the soft skills trainings focus on a wide range of topics that empowers youth to become professional volunteers with strong leadership skills.

Program Objectives

  • To enhance the organizational and managerial competence of youth NGOs.

  • To provide customized solutions for the proper functioning of youth NGOs.

  • To advance the improvement of youth NGOs by promoting the standards of sustainable development and international standards.

  • Building the capacity of youth with the needed soft skills.

Target Group/Beneficiaries by Type of Assistance

  • Consultancy: Youth NGOs (Startup and Established).

  • Soft Skills Training: Youth in General.


Many youth strive to initiate their own NGOs to tackle problems in their community, yet they lack the skills and expertise to lead them successfully. On the other hand, youth usually need to enhance their skills and knowledge to live up to professional standards. Therefore, Aie Consult provides a platform to fill the above-mentioned gaps.


  • Financial Management

  • Legal Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Proposal Writing

  • Project Management

  • Transparency & Accountability

  • Human Capital Management

  • Organizational Structure, Roles & Responsibilities

  • Networking & Social Media

  • Fundraising