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ayman shaher rawashdeh

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Ayman Rawashdeh from Resourcia (Academic Solutions) awarding body partners of Qualifi Ltd. I would like to mention what we are offering to students as well as your academies/training centers in brief. When I see your educational institute, opens many doors for collaborations with us.

We at Qualifi ltd. are recognized worldwide and offer assessment of your courses along with diplomas for over 1,800 courses. After your students go through the course program of the institute job begins to certify your students with diplomas for the services we offer Your training center/Academies will be center approved by the UK government, and will be given an international accreditation center certificate. This will make your academy an internationally recognized framework to over 113 countries worldwide. Also offer services which can provide your students with admissions in London
After attending and being certified through our organization.

After this we may begin offering higher qualified certificates and diplomas to your students. Firstly this will boost and ensure optimum accreditation of your coursework. Giving your program’s a higher qualified competency and making you internationally recognized to job markets globally. Secondly, we at Qualifi believe in providing recognized qualifications and Accrediting learning centers to the best quality assurance standards. In addition, the following services we are offering are recognized not only by the higher education ministry of Jordan but as well as the British council. For further assistance feel free to visit our websites or contact us at our email address www.qualifi.net. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ayman Rawashdeh
Contact: 077 228 7960
079 982 7010
Email: Resourcia@gmail.com skype:ayman20626