"The Other" Online Wiki Toolbox for Human Rights Education

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"The Other" Online Wiki Toolbox for Human Rights Education

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| Aim |

The overall aim is to promote intercultural dialogue and human rights education for youngsters through alternative and combined active, digital and collaborative methodologies resources in a multilingual online platform.


| Description |

It is about the development of a multilingual online toolbox with activities for Human Rights Education for youngsters - this toolbox will be available as an open and collaborative online wiki. The initial activities of this toolbox will be created in a meeting that will take place  by different social and educational workers and members from all partner organizations. After the end of the project, the website will continue and will be opened for other organizations.


All the activities inside this online toolbox will be chapters of a role playing game that has as a main plot the story of a group of passengers of a plane that crashed in an island. The index page of the wiki will be a map of this island and each time an activity is added to this toolbox a new mark will appear in the map. These activities will be developed in a meeting in Portugal and implemented in each partner country (Portugal, Jordan, Spain & Egypt).