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New Life Project-


CNSF is proud to announce that we have opened our new office location in EL Badra, the Duhok region.  We have been assessing the needs for care and resources to be given in the area.  Through lots of previous work and intentional studies of the crisis with internally displaced peoples we are happy to begin our new project, that will bring life and sustainability to a people that have lost everything and have no hope of returning to their homes anytime soon.

This Project is called our  "New Life Project".  


CNSF will focus on brining education and skills to men and woman to be able to start their own small businesses or be able to work for others.  Currently we will be focusing on teaching woman how to sew and providing them with machines to do the work.  Teaching woman to become hair stylists, providing all the necessary equipment and tools.  Teaching men how to become carpenters, painters and electricians, while also providing the tools for these jobs.


Its extremely important that CNSF not only gives life sustaining resources like food, water and hygiene supplies but we also need to give the skills for these people to be able to stand on their own and hope to build a future even in such hopeless circumstances.  We MUST be the ones to bring them hope.  


If you would like to partner with CNSF in bringing these job skills to the people please message us right away.  The costs are as follows:


Sewing Machine $100

Hair equipment $45

Tools for men $25


We are looking to teach (400  )  men and woman every month to learn these skills.  Please consider to give to this New Life Project that truly will bring a new hope and a new life to people that have been filled with fear, abandonment and hopelessness.